Thursday, March 3, 2011

Classic White Cake

This is a food network recipe... I will just link to it because I didn't change anything.
I'm not as willing to take baking risks yet, so I generally just follow instructions.
Here it is.  Classic white cake.

This is the cake that I made for cake class this past Monday that was decorated as the birthday cake.  It got good reviews from everybody at small group.... and it turned out to be close to 3 people's birthdays!  Yay!  Happy birthday guys!  

So, this was my first time filling a cake the way that is supposed to be the "correct" way - with icing around the outside to hold in the filling.  I always just used frosting in the middle.  I used to love to make double layer funfetti cakes.  Well this is similar...but better.  It seems way fancier with a different kind of filling!  Here is a picture of how I did it.

Pretty simple.  I filled a pastry bag with the icing I was using to ice the cake and put one of the bigger tips on to pipe a circle of icing around the edge.  Then I put in some strawberry jam (That Nick's mom made for us!! Thanks!)  I didn't use too much... just kind of enough to cover it with a thin layer.  Once we ate the cake we decided it could have had a little more filling.  I also have some strawberries that I bought frozen to put in smoothies.  I defrosted those and just put them in the filling like this to make the strawberry a little more substantial.  If I have strawberries next time I fill a strawberry cake I'd probably do that again.  

You can see the pictures of the decorated cake in my post Last week of Cake Class 1!

But here's the yummy cake - we only had 2 pieces left over!
I definitely recommend this white cake recipe!

I have a few more weeks of cake class...any recipes I should try?  :)

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