Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chocolate milk

Earlier this week I decided I was going to make a Meyer Dairy jar full of chocolate milk as a surprise for Nick when he came home from work.  Meyer Dairy was where we always went in college to get milk, so for some reason I thought the chocolate milk would taste as good as it did from there.  I heated the milk to do it, and when he got home it was still in the cooling process, so it wasn't quite the surprise I was hoping for.  Besides this, my chocolate failed to melt all the way and there was little chunks of chocolate chips throughout.  Also, I used semi-sweet chocolate chips and it was not as sweet as normal chocolate milk.

The good news - it seemed to get better on the second day...and much better on the fourth.  It's also possible that we just drank most of the chocolate chunks off the top on the first day and it seemed to get better after they were gone.  It also just seemed smoother and more well mixed.

So here's what I did - took 6 cups of milk and heated it on the stove with 1 cup of chocolate chips until they were as melted as they were going to be.  I was watching Buddy Valastro on Kitchen Boss again and he said 2/3 cup chocolate chips to 4 cups of milk.  Then add vanilla when you take it off heat.  He made it on his breakfast show...but apparently it wasn't good enough to make it to the recipe site.  I should have taken that as a sign.

The problem was that the chocolate chips didn't fully melt.  Maybe this was just an issue with the Toll House chocolate chips.  Anyway, it made it so that you were drinking little tiny chocolate pieces (especially in the last sip) and it left a bunch behind in the bottom of the glass like this.

Maybe I just don't have the chemistry of cooking down: Would it have melted better if I melted the chocolate first and then added the milk?

Possible better option: Food Network Cocoa Syrup

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