About the blog

My name is Annie.  I am a twenty-something wife, puppy-mom, preschool teacher, aunt of two adorable nephews and a niece, novice gardener, and cook.  Like any other 21st-century twenty-something, my cooking began with "googling" keywords for dishes or recipes that I was looking for.  Eventually I became hooked on allrecipes.com, where users could review recipes and give tips on how to improve it.  My online-recipe hunting eventually led me to my cousin's blog, where I began blog-hopping down a chain of blogs.  After a lot of blog reading I decided to start my own online recipe sharing.

Most cooking blogs that you see (and that I read) are written by really great cooks.  I really enjoy cooking, but I'm definitely not an expert. This blog is my experience trying different recipes and learning to be a better cook.  Please enjoy, and any feedback is welcome!

You can see a list of blogs that I check regularly on the right side of the page, near the bottom.