Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Sugar Cookies

We had tons of fun decorating these!  My artistic husband had fun helping me.

This was what we did on Good Friday.  They take the better part of a day because you need breaks for: cookie dough to refrigerate, cookies to cool, and to let the bottom layer of icing dry.  And I was a little bit stressed out about making the right amounts of each color of icing.  It worked out for us though.  We had almost exactly the right amount of each color.  You really only need a tiny bit of each color.  You kind of have to figure out ahead of time what colors you're going to use for what and map it all out so that you make enough of each.  For instance, we needed much more white than black because the white was the base of the bunnies and some of the eggs.  The black was only needed for eyes, whiskers, and mouths of bunnies, and then Nick made an awesome cow egg with the extra.

Making a smooth icing base on your cookies is not difficult, but like I said, it is a little time consuming.  Brown Eyed Baked has an awesome how-to that we used.  You can see it here.  We also used a sugar cookie recipe from her website.  If you're looking for a good sugar cookie recipe I would definitely recommend this one.  The cookies were soft and chewy - really good.

Outlining the cookies
Filling in the cookies.  I really like the ones with the pink background.
My favorite eggs

Happy Easter!!

Source: Brown Eyed Baker

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