Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nick's Cooking Adventure - Venison steaks

Nick decided last night that we would make venison steaks tonight.  
Okay, I'm not big on deer, but whatever.  
When Nick makes something he likes to do it all himself.
And he does a good job.

Tenderizing... a lot.

He dipped in egg + milk, then in bread crumbs.
Then cooked in a pan with olive oil for about 10 minutes.

Finished product.  


My steak

Verdict:  It was okay... I think I just don't love venison.  It was REALLY tender (good pounding, Nick!), cooked to perfection... just don't love the taste of the meat.  Anyway, we have another pack in the freezer and another recipe I want to try with a marinade.... so sometime I'll have to try venison again.

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  1. I'm afraid of venison, but I like the thought that there is food running through my backyard everyday.