Monday, April 9, 2012

Miles' 1st Birthday Cake

We celebrated my nephew's 1st Birthday a little over two weeks ago.  Can't believe he is over a year old already!  My sister did a fantastic job with a "Little Man Moustache Party".  I spent some time with a moustache on myself.  Not really my best look.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take our camera.  My cousin let Nick borrow their camera to take some pictures, so I have some of her pictures of the cake! :)

The cake is double layer chocolate and yellow cake.  I used an 11 x 15 pan (twice - once for each layer), cut it, and formed it into the 1.  It took me SO long, mostly making huge recipes of cake, baking the chocolate layer a lot longer than I thought it would need to, and then letting them cool completely before doing anything with them.  The simplicity of the design made icing the easy part for this one!   Needless to say, this was way too much cake for the amount of people there.  I was afraid that if I didn't layer it, it wouldn't be enough for everybody because the pieces would be larger.  Oh well!

Here's the little birthday man!  He did a great job with his smash cake!

Nick's first (non home-improvement) project in the workshop was these blocks he gave Miles!  

Happy Birthday Miles!


  1. So cute! You should open a bakery :). I like to bake but I am a mess when I start to use frosting!

  2. The cake was wonderful and the photos tell quite a story!!1